Zelenchukskaya HPP / NPP

Zelenchukskaya HPP / NPP


Karachay-Cherkess Republic



Type of work

Complex supply, technical support


Zelenchukskaya HPP / NPP

Zelenchukskaya HPP/PSPP - Complex delivery, technical support

What was done:
Design, supply, installation and commissioning of 2 sets of hydraulic power equipment, with control and automatic control system, carrying out field tests confirming the characteristics.

Short description:
Comprehensive delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment with technical support before commissioning and verification of compliance with the declared characteristics. Unique design. The second major object of this kind commissioned on the territory of the Russian Federation. This is the first such facility built and launched since 2000. It allows you to balance the power system of the entire region.

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Zelenchukskaya HPP / NPP