The Belarusian nuclear power plant - supply of CSR

The Belarusian nuclear power plant - supply of CSR


Belarus Grodno region





The Belarusian nuclear power plant – delivery of two controlled shunt reactors RTU-180000/330-U1

By order of JSC IC " ASE "in 2016-2017, the company" Energy Standard "LLC delivered two 330 kV 180 MVAr controlled shunt reactors of the RTU-180000/330-U1 type produced by PJSC" Zaporizhtransformator " for installation at the 330 kV ORU of the Belarusian NPP under construction in Ostrovets, Grodno region of the Republic of Belarus.

The equipment was manufactured in accordance with the norms and standards applicable to equipment intended for delivery to responsible nuclear power facilities, with control of the manufacturing process in accordance with approved quality plans and regular supervision of the manufacturing process by the Customer.

The delivery was carried out within the required time according to the construction schedule. The equipment successfully passed the entrance control, was installed and put into operation.

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The Belarusian nuclear power plant - supply of CSR