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Rostov NPP

In 2015, Energeticheskiy Standart LLC delivered two TC-630000/500-U1 block transformers for the Rostov NPP unit 4 under construction. Earlier in 2014, this facility was also supplied with two units of working transformers for its own needs TRDNS-63000/35-U1.

The peculiarity of these projects was that their implementation took place against the background of an extremely unstable economic situation in the country, which is associated with a sharp increase in the exchange rate of major currencies against the ruble. Despite the fact that during the production of transformers, most of the components are imported, and the prices of the materials used depend on both stock indices and the exchange rate, our company has successfully delivered equipment to the Rostov NPP.

In order to avoid reputational risks and confirm the status of a reliable supplier of nuclear equipment, despite the sharp increase in the cost of equipment supplied, we implemented these projects without suspending contracts and reviewing contract prices, as was done by other suppliers. After the physical start-up of the unit in 2018, the equipment is successfully operated and has no comments from operators.

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