Kalinin NPP

Kalinin NPP


Tver region


August 2019

Type of work

Block transformer supply


Kalinin NPP

In August 2019, a block transformer TC-1250000/330-U1 was delivered for unit 1 of the Kalinin NPP, where Energeticheskiy Standart LLC acted as an equipment supplier. The new transformer was supposed to replace the old one in 1981. production of the Zaporozhye transformer plant, which, in turn, was operated for 35 years with a normalized period of 25 years. At the same time, at the request of the customer, full interchangeability of the new transformer was provided, which made it possible to quickly replace it and extend the operation of the old transformer as a backup due to the lack of one at the NPP.

It should be noted that transformers of this type, designed for ultra-high power up to 1250 MVA, are able to produce an extremely limited range of manufacturers, and the complexity of its further transportation and the cost of these costs further narrows it. On the territory of the Russian Federation, there are no manufacturers of transformers of this capacity, and the only manufacturer from neighboring countries, including the CIS countries, was PJSC "Zaporizhtransformator».

In addition, due to the strategic position of the Kalinin NPP, in order to ensure uninterrupted power generation and prevent emergency shutdowns of the power unit, the customer imposed extremely strict requirements for quality control of the supplied block transformer. In order to avoid the appearance of combustible gases during operation as much as possible, during acceptance tests under operating voltage, instead of the required 24 hours, a 72-hour stay of the transformer under voltage was provided with 3-4 hours of oil sampling on the HARG. If any deviations were detected, the equipment was not accepted by the representative of the Kalinin NPP.

The equipment was shipped to the customer on a 32-axle tsch-500 model 14-T001 (3998) conveyor with a load capacity of 500 tons. This type of cars in the CIS is present in single copies (no more than 3 units), the development and organization of the cargo route requires a lot of approvals, and the movement of the conveyor is carried out by a separate locomotive with the mandatory presence of two escort cars and a special escort team. Upon arrival at the NPP, the transformer was unloaded and installed on carriages by means of a rigging organization, followed by installation in a storage location.

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