Electric machine

Electric machine

Electric cars are produced for objects:

  • energies;
  • pumping stations, irrigation systems, water channels and sewers;
  • metallurgies;
  • oil and gas and mining industry;
  • sea, rail and road transport

We supply electric machines and hydro generators in a wide range of capacities, designs and speeds, including:

vertical synchronous motors with power from 1000 to 12500 kW;

horizontal synchronous motors and generators with power from 400 to 5000 kW;

hydrogenators for individual orders, including hydrogenators for small hydroelectric power plants with a capacity from 250 to 18000 kW.

10 MW turbo generators;

vertical asynchronous motors with power from 315 to 8000 kW;

Synchronous electric machines

  • Synchronous vertical motors
  • Synchronous horizontal motors
  • Synchronous horizontal generators
  • Synchronous vertical generators
  • Hydro generators for small hydroelectric power plants
  • Turbogenerators for gas turbines

Asynchronous electric machines

  • Precipitation, filtration and combined centrifuges with screw discharge of sediment
  • Suspended centrifuges
  • Tube centrifuges
  • Filter and precipitation centrifuges with knife discharge of sludge of the FGN and OGN type
  • Centrifuge filter with a pulsating discharge of sediment

DC electric machines

  • DC generators
  • DC motor

Electric machine

Electric machine

Electric machine

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Electric machine