Transformer-reactor equipment

Transformer-reactor equipment

We offer transformer-reactor equipment for various purposes from 1 MVA to 1250 MVA for voltage classes from 10 kV to 1150 kV inclusive.

At the request of customers, the equipment can be completed with a fire extinguishing system, a monitoring and diagnostics system in "on-line" mode, specialized commissioning and diagnostic equipment.

Design and manufacture of equipment is carried out in accordance with the requirements of any international and national standards: DSTU, GOST-R, IEC, IEEE, ANSI, IRAM, UNE and others.


Power oil transformers

  • Generator step-up transformers
  • Autotransformers
  • Transformers for substations of main networks, distribution electric networks and industrial enterprises
  • Power plants ' own-use transformers and start-up equipment
  • Transformers for power transmission lines and high-power Converter substations of intersystem communication

from 1 MVA to 1250 MVA
from 10 kV to 1150 kV

Special oil-immersed transformers


Transformers and autotransformers for electrified DC Railways

Converter transformers for electrified DC Railways

Traction transformers for railway rolling stock

Transformers for direct current electric drive

Converter transformers for excitation systems of sychron generators

Converter transformers for electrolysis plants

Furnace transformer

Phase-shifting (phase-contact) transformers

Linear adjustment transformers

Grounding transformers

Transformers for the two nominal voltages

from 2.5 MVA to 160 MVA
to 220 kV

Oil reactors


Single-phase filter reactors for reactive energy compensation devices

Single-phase smoothing reactors for smoothing rectified current ripples

Single-phase special reactors for induction iron-melting furnace

Three-phase controlled reactors for smooth contactless voltage regulation of traction substations

Three-phase reactors for parametric current sources

Shunt reactors up to 128 MVAr up to 800 kV

Neutral reactors

Dry-type transformers distribution


Open-type transformers

Transformers in protective housing

Transformers for your own needs

Separation and matching transformers

0.25-16 MVA
6 - 35 kV

Dry conversion transformers (for various purposes, as well as for drilling rigs and excavators)


Transformers for converters on bridge rectification circuit

Transformers with split windings for bridge rectification converters

Transformers for power supply of excitation systems

Transformers for drilling rigs and excavators

Dry transformers for converters according to the "two reverse stars" scheme"

Dry transformers for frequency converters 400-800Hz

Transformers for railway power supply

Single-phase and three-phase dry reactors


The dry smoothing reactors

Dry current limiting reactors

Three-phase dry filter reactors

Questionnaires for transformer and reactor equipment


Transformer-reactor equipment

Transformer-reactor equipment

Transformer-reactor equipment

Transformer-reactor equipment

Transformer-reactor equipment

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Transformer-reactor equipment