Reftinskaya Gres

Reftinskaya Gres


Sverdlovsk region



Reftinskaya GRES is the largest solid-fuel thermal power plant in Russia. The power plant consists of 6 power units of 300 MW and 4 power units of 500 MW, its installed electric capacity is 3,800 MW, and its thermal capacity is 350 Gcal / hour. The share of electricity generated at Reftinskaya GRES from the total volume of electricity consumed by the Sverdlovsk region is about 40 %.

By order of PJSC Enel Russia in 2011 and 2017, Energeticheskiy Standart LLC delivered two TC-630000/500 transformers for units 9 and 8 of Reftinskaya GRES.

Taking into account the planned repairs and shutdowns of units at Reftinskaya GRES, as well as the tight deadlines for the replacement and delivery of equipment, our company delivered these transformers in record time ahead of schedule, which are successfully operated at the station.

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Reftinskaya Gres